Liquid Biotin with Collagen: A boon or bane for Hair?

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Have you ever wondered how these celebrities have such thick and dense hair? Is it some dermal magic wand or magic potion? Well, The secret is no longer a secret when Rasayanam Ayurveda has your back. The most important thing to remember is to have enough proteins in your body. Keratin, Biotin, and collagen are crucial proteins for healthy hair. Rasayanam Ayurveda’s Liquid Biotin with Collagen is a one-stop solution for all your hair woes. Let us dive deep into the chamber of secrets!


In this blog, we will discover 5 superfoods to back up your hair health for lustrous and dense hair. We will walk you through how useful is Rasayanam Ayurveda’s Liquid Biotin with collagen, how to add dietary supplements to support your naturally healthy hair and a few remedies that can help you achieve your desired hair.

How useful is Rasyanam’s Biotin with Collagen for Hair?

Every one of us dreams of thick, lustrous hair that exudes health and power. While genetics plays a massive role in the way your hair looks. Biotin and Collagen are two of the most essential protein types that recently gathered attention for their exemplary hair health benefits.

Rasyanam Biotin with Collagen and Hair Growth

Rasayanam Liquid Biotin with Collagen is a 4X concentrated combination of Biotin and collagen that targets hair, nails, and skin. But when we discuss hair health alone, it fulfills the requirements of lagging Biotin and collagen for hair in people on or above the age of 30. 

Biotin is concerned with multiple enzymatic reactions in the body. It contributes to the metabolism of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. It consists of the synthesis of keratin, which is a significant element of hair health.

Rasayanam Liquid with Biotin and Collagen is a 4X concentrated combination that delivers luxuriously tight skin, reduced fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, and reduced hair fall with thicker, dense, and stronger hair. Liquid Biotin with collagen has also been effective in the fight against pollution, UV radiation, and hectic lifestyle.

Which diet supplements are helpful for hair?

As per Ayurveda, the best nutrients and supplements are food, but let us be honest; these days, it is rare to find food free from chemical compositions, especially in urban cities. People are becoming more aware of the need for supplements and finding the best product to support their goals.

For healthy hair, one must need to have the following dietary supplements in their daily life:

  • Vitamin B12, D, B, C and A
  • Biotin 
  • Keratin
  • Iron 
  • Collagen

How rare is biotin deficiency when discussing hair loss?

Biotin deficiency is rare; however, it can lead to hair loss, amongst other signs. Supplementing with Biotin can help regain hair density, volume, and smoothness in such cases. 

The deficiency of Biotin can lead to the following conditions:

  •  Biotin-deficient face (scaly, red rash around the orifices, i.e., eyes, nose, and mouth)
  • Alopecia (hair loss)
  • Ataxia (Problem in controlling body movements)
  • Hypotonia (Muscle weakness)
  • Splenomegaly (Enlarged spleen)
  • Hepatomegaly (enlarged liver)

One can avoid these conditions by approaching an appropriate lifestyle and biotin supplements. 

What is the recommended biotin dosage?

As authentic Ayurvedic formulation promoters, we at Rasayanam Ayurveda suggest taking 2 pumps of Liquid Biotin with Collagen twice daily for faster and enhanced results. The 4X concentrated formula of Biotin and collagen can boost hair health exponentially. 

What are the potential benefits of Biotin for Hair?

  1. It improved hair thickness and strength.
  2. It reduces hair breakage and loss.
  3. It enhanced hair boom.

What is collagen, and why is it known as a structural protein?

Collagen is a protein type necessary for strong bones, joints, and healthy skin, hair, and nails. Our bodies’ natural collagen production decreases as we age, which may result in various skin issues, such as wrinkles, visible folds, sagging skin, and hair fall. Lack of collagen for people is a common phenomenon in people of 30 years and above. Therefore, adapting a lifestyle and eating habits that support hair health becomes mandatory.  

Why collagen is important for overall health?

  1. Improved pores and skin elasticity: Collagen is essential for maintaining suppleness and firmness of the skin. It also delays the signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.
  2. Increased hydration: Collagen supports with locking moisture in the skin. Various skin and pore issues, such as itching, redness, and flakiness, can be brought on by dry skin. Consuming foods and supplements rich in Collagen can hydrate the skin.
  3. Repair skin damage: Collagen is critical to restore damaged skin cells and tissues. Consuming collagen-rich foods can aid in encouraging skin regeneration.

5 Superfoods for Healthy Hair: Rasayanam Ayurveda Secrets

Maintaining lengthy, luscious hair requires more than just supplements. It includes the right dietary and lifestyle habits. Following is the list of 5 Superfoods to support your hair health:

Salmon: Considered an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, salmon can be an important food for hair health. Omega-3 helps nourish hair follicles and reduce hair fall.

Spinach: Highly enriched in iron and Vitamins A and C, Spinach can be vital for hair health. Iron helps the red blood cells to convey oxygen to hair follicles, ensuring they function optimally. Spinach also consists of folate, which enables the repairing and strengthening of hair strands.

Vitamin A and C: Vitamin A promotes sebum production, a natural hair conditioner; also, Vitamin C aids in collagen production, improving hair power.

Eggs: The world is aware of the potential of eggs. They are highly enriched with protein- the building blocks of hair, body, and mind.

Liquid Biotin with Collagen: Rasayanam liquid biotin with collagen is an excellent source of protein to boost hair growth, gorgeous skin and improve nail health, it also increases skin elasticity. 2 pumps a day can give you visible results within 15 days of regular consumption.

Why Rasayanam Liquid Biotin with Collagen?

Not because we are the suppliers but because our customers have seen the results! Our community of over 10 Lacs customers has said that our products are effective and show results when followed by a great lifestyle, great dietary choices, and dosage as recommended on the packs. You can expect nothing but the best, such as:

Biotin benefits

1. Firm and tight skin:

Experience a rejuvenated, younger glow as your pores and skin tightens and regains elasticity—a noticeable reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

2. Strong and Voluminous Hair:

You can bid farewell to your hair woes as regular consumption of Liquid Biotin with Collagen will leave you with thick, shiny, voluminous, and lustrous hair.

3. Resilient Skin and Hair:

Arm your skin and hair against the harmful effects of pollution and UV radiation in your hectic lifestyle.

4. Beautifully Strong Nails:

See your nail health transform as it grows strong and healthy.  


Biotin and Collagen are often hailed as potential solutions for hair loss. While they play important roles in supporting healthy hair, their effectiveness in reversing hair loss or stimulating substantial growth is not fully supported by scientific evidence. It is crucial to treat hair loss holistically, considering different aspects like diet, way of life, and hair care routines.

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